Cash in Hand

JSOA Cash in Hand at the end of June 2023 stood at $72,323.50. Of this $26,153 has already been spent in the financial year 2023-24.


We are fortunate to have a base income particularly from rent of the Cottage. The profit for 2022-2023 was $1617.94.


  • In March 2021 JSOA received a grant of $ 9012 from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal for kitchen renovation.  With the floods in February and March of 2022, much of this remained to be expended in the 2022-23 and 2023-24 financial years. It is now acquitted.
  • There was significant damage to the Cottage and Hall during the February 2022 floods. A grant of $24,981 was provided by Services NSW for flood recovery in June 2022. This has partly been expended in the 2022-23 financial year, continuing into 2023-24 when it was acquitted and further funding successfully applied for.

February Floods – Insurance

These floods entered the cottage and the JSOA hall for the first time and caused considerable damage. Insurance claims were forwarded in March to Elders Insurance. The Cottage flood claim for stove, electrical work, and pump replacement amounted to $4,162.20 and $3,662.20 was paid out in September 2022. Like all businesses in this region, the hall cannot be covered for flood damage. However, JSOA was able to claim $1620.00 for storm damage to the front barge board and light and was paid out in January 2023 – $972.73.

For each claim the excess of $500 was subtracted. This means that expenditure was in the 2021-22 financial year but the insurance claim income is in 2022-23.


Rent presently stands at $220 per week. Our long-standing tenants, Tony and Marise, have been very tolerant of discomforts from the occasional too-loud event.

Tower Preschool

Licence fee (rent) for the preschool remains at $197.68 per month and amounts to $2,156.52 per year. With the aging of the building, there is an imbalance between fee income and expenditure on maintenance and repairs and this is likely to continue. This has led to a loss to JSOA of $214.35 in 2022-2023.  In addition, since the TPS electricity meter is not functioning, JSOA has been carrying their electricity costs. It is proposed that a separate meter be installed and that the Tower Preschool become responsible for their electricity.

Hall Hire

Hall hire brought in $4945.46 in 2022-2023.  These were lower than usual.


The annual Christmas Party, Pizza nights, Clothes Swaps, Seed Swaps and catering for Hall hirers netted $3232.68 in 2022-2023.

Other Income Steams include donations and membership fees.

 Other Expenditures

Hall Insurance & Public Liability $3892.59
TPS Insurance $1001.20
House Insurance $1517.28
Total Insurance $6411.07 
Electricity (incl. TPS) $2214.95
Accounting $493.98


At the same time, we have had the usual expenditures –biannual Firestop safety checks; cleaning; mowing; and general maintenance.

Maintenance and expenditures still required

  • Further maintenance works identified include:
    • Replacing wall boards and edgings on Western front of Hall
    • Painting Cottage (interior and exterior and Hall exterior)
    • Replacing rotting Hall verandah boards
    • Inserting overhangs on hall roof to provide protection to verandah boards



Allison Smith