Since 1907, the much-loved Jiggi Hall has served the Jiggi Community and beyond.    Situated on Jiggi Road, in the heart of the lush Jiggi Valley, the Hall has been presided over by the Jiggi School of Arts committee, from its earliest years.

The first challenge was where to build a Community Hall. The difficulty of obtaining a site was overcome when Mr. W.H. Thorne donated a piece of land on which to erect the building. Mr Farrelly of Lismore was the contractor.

The dimensions for the hall were 35 by 25 feet, with an additional 10 feet for two rooms at the back. The timber was donated by Mr. L. Simms, drawn free of charge by Mr Robert Knight. All timber was transported by Mr. Robert Smith with a bullock team at no charge. The hall was first called the Jiggi School of Arts.

First Office Bearers were:

President – H. Thorne, Secretary – L. Simms and the Treasurer – Mr RH Smith.

The official opening took place on October 16th. 1907 with a grand ball. One method of fundraising was socials at “Jiggi House” where Mr. W. Gwynne provided the music.

The main concern for the hall all through its history is how to raise funds to keep going. This has been made a lot easier by the fact that the hall had a residence attached which was rented out, providing a weekly income. The hall has served as a shop and Post Office for Jiggi over the years and was a very important factor in the survival of the hall.

Records also show that the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows started holding their meetings in Jiggi from October 26th 1914 and were still meeting right up until 1997.

A “Grand” switching on ceremony was held in the hall when the electricity arrived in 1939. On the 6th April 1942 all the hall windows were painted black and doorways were not to show lights for more than a short distance outside because of war restrictions. This was because of enemy invasion.

The Jiggi – Goergica Red Cross started holding meetings in the hall in 1939 and were also still using hall in 1997.

The 1940’s saw the introduction of Bridle Races and Sports Days.

The Jiggi Hall Committee offered their hall to the Coffee Camp Hall Committee free of charge to help raise money to rebuild their hall that was lost in the 1954 flood.

A ball was held in August 1957 to celebrate the Hall’s Jubilee. Music was supplied by McNiff’s Orchestra. The host and hostess for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Goulding, with assistants Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Shearman. A two-tier cake was made by Mrs. Shearman, iced by Mrs L. Ireland of Goolmangar and cut by Mrs. R.H. Smith.

During the 1960’s the Ladies Auxiliary was formed. Also at the same time ladies began attending committee meetings. Indoor bowls began in the 1980s along with playgroup, discos and yoga classes. A barbecue was built on the side of the hall.

In 1997, the addition of a verandah to the hall’s southern side added a new dimension to the hall. Whether it was for the Picture Shows or the J.A.G. Players’ Productions in the 90s the hall remains a very important focal point of the community.

(This information was researched and recorded in 1997).