Hall Hire Guidelines

Welcome to the JIGGI HALL. We want the Hall to be a good community facility. This means that it must be safe, clean and in good condition for you to hire.

The following are guidelines for the person hiring the Hall.


  1. Access is available through: The VERANDAH door to the supper room. DISABLED ACCESS is via the verandah. This door is unlocked by inserting the key, turning it completely around (360 degrees) and then turning the knob. To close push the bar down and hold the knob while closing to prevent damage to the upper and lower bolts. Locking is the reverse procedure so that the knob free-wheels.
  2. The other doors must be closed from the inside.
  3. A key for the toilets is hanging at the side door.
  4. All doors from the Hall (except the one to the toilets) are emergency exits with push-bars and exit lights.





  1. See plans for locations of FIRE EXITS AND EXTINGUISHERS.
  2. The extinguisher in the Supper room is of the CO2 type for all fires including electrical and oil. There is a FIRE BLANKET in the kitchen
  3. The other extinguishers are pressurised water type and are only for ordinary fires.


  1. We may charge extra for functions which use an extraordinary amount of power.
  2. The double power point at the back of the stage is especially to run the BAND’S SOUND AND LIGHTING EQUIPMENT. It is rated at 15 amps.
  3. HOT WATER is switched on using the push button timer switch on the kitchen wall. It takes about 10 minutes to warm up, and stays on until the water is fully heated.


  1. Water pressure is provided by an electric pump. The switch for it is on the kitchen wall near the sink – please switch it off when you finish, to avoid any risk of it running dry.
  2. The toilets are a septic system – please do not flush anything except toilet paper.


  1. Please put FOOD WARMERS OR HOT SAUCEPANS on the stainless steel benchtop provided in the corner of the kitchen, or ensure the benchtops are protected.
  2. There is a fully equipped FIRST AID KIT in the kitchen, on top of the crockery cupboard.
  3. FOOD may not normally be taken into the main Hall. Organise your lunch/supper in the supper room or outside.
  4. ALCOHOL may be consumed on the premises but a licence will be required if it is to be SOLD. Community groups with a constitution should have no trouble obtaining a licence from the local courthouse.
  6. BROOMS, MOPS AND BUCKETS are stored in the Supper room area and TOILET PAPER is provided. Spare rolls are in the kitchen cupboard.
  7. We have THIRD PARTY INSURANCE for injury caused by OUR negligence. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that they have Third Party Insurance for injury caused by THEIR negligence. The hall will not be hired to people or organisations without insurance. Individual’s house insurance may cover parties etc. held at the hall. Check with your insurer.
  8. NO PARKING in front of the garage and PARALLEL PARKING only in front of the house please.
  9. Please respect our neighbours and ensure that no one trespasses on the neighbouring properties.



  1. THE HALL MUST BE LEFT CLEAN and all furniture returned as found (It’s a good idea to look before you start moving things around so that you know where to put them when you’ve finished.)
  2. The TOILETS must be left in a clean condition and locked.
  3. Our garbage collection allows for one general bin (RED TOP) and one recycle bin (YELLOW TOP). Please ensure that only recycle material (bottles, cans and cardboard) go in the yellow top bin – if not, the service will be lost!
  4. EXCESS GARBAGE MUST BE REMOVED AND FLOORS SWEPT or mopped if required. This includes the VERANDAH FLOOR. If excess garbage is left there will be a $20 charge for removal to the tip. A cleaning charge of $20 will be charged if the hall or toilets need cleaning. Cleaning equipment is provided.
  5. THE HALL MUST BE VACATED BY 2AM. (We have to think of the neighbours.)
  6. All lights and power points must be turned off and all windows and doors must be locked before you leave. Switch off the emergency lights. The push button provides light to the car park area for about 5 minutes after switching off the lights.


Thanks for looking after our Hall we hope you enjoy yourselves